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                                         singular              plural


my                                           mi           mis

your (informal)                      tu            tus

his/her/your (formal)          su            sus


our                                          nuestro      nuestros

                           nuestra      nuestras


their/you (plural)                  su            sus


Note that Spanish has a singular and a plural form.  This does not exist in English, but is a must in Spanish.


Use these words as you would in English…


my book          mi libro

her cat            su gato

their  friend   su amigo

his pen                        su bolígrafo


Each of the above example uses a singular noun.  If we were to make each noun plural we would have to make the adjective plural too.


my books        mis libros

her cats      sus gatos

their friends sus amigos

his pens      sus bolígrafos



Note that there are 4 forms for the word OUR. 


our house                    nuestra casa

our book                     nuestro libro

our cats                      nuestros gatos

our apples                   nuestras manzanas